The digital interview guideline challenge

by Bochumer Wirtschafts­entwicklung

Understand customers and record their requirements in a sales pitch or conversation.

Keywords: Spin Selling, support for pitching

When talking to potential new customers about complex industrial solutions, it is sometimes challenging to grasp the complete scope of customer requirements and what exactly the want to order. So sometimes there is the need for making adjustments in the delivered works, which can be costly and generate time issues. The goal of this challenge is to generate a digital tool that provides some sort of guideline for a sales pitch, which supports a more thorough and comprehensive recording of customers’ requirements. One potential point of orientation could be the spin selling concept.

Bochumer Wirtschafts­entwicklung

ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH is an independent, medium-sized company. For more than 40 years, ETABO has been active in plant construction and plant service for power plants and industrial plants and has decades of experience in the project management of complex energy technology projects. ETABO is a Life Cycle Partner for the construction, conversion and servicing of plants, systems and components. ETABO’s service portfolio includes engineering, procurement, prefabrication and delivery, as well as services such as maintenance, repair and upkeep, or the conversion of existing plants. ETABO has for some time been undergoing an intensive transformation process to become an agile company, which has an impact on the corporate culture and organisation as well as on the daily work processes and the character of the company’s activities. An essential focus of ETABO is the development of its employees through the development of new innovative services. This is reflected, for example, in the fact that the ETABO 4.0 initiative is already working on sub-sectors of industry 4.0, including 3D printing, pragmatically and practically.

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